Could this be the Toughest Challenge of them all?

Happy New Year to you all! I do hope Santa made all your booky dreams come true – if all the wonderful new Christmas book posts I’ve been snooping at are anything to go by, it looks like he certainly did. Here’s my luscious festive loot and I can’t wait to get stuck in!


If I’ve observed one thing in my many years of being alive, it is that there are two types of people that walk this earth – those who make New Year resolutions and those who choose to miss out on all the fun. (No prizes for guessing which category I fall into!)  I love New Year, and relish the opportunity to clear out the old and reset my focus. Usually this involves some kind of Spartan health regime, but after a month of mince pies, a little early morning pain and deprivation feels refreshingly good.

Aside from my very probably short-lived fitness enthusiasm, I’ve decided to take on a frankly downright scary reading challenge – and I’m not talking about Anthony Powell’s A Dance To The Music Of Time, although I do plan to read that this year.


Pilgrimages are so last year, 2017 is strictly come dancing!

My main challenge for the year is to not buy any more books during 2017 *gulp*. Not one! (Ts & Cs apply).

After much consideration, I’ve decided to give myself a little buffer for emergency situations. As I’m a total secondhand book junkie, and regularly feed my habit by scouring the charity shops of West Wales, this is going to be ridiculously tough. So I’m allowing myself three jokers for times of absolute desperation – only three measly books can be legitimately bought throughout the whole of 2017.

You might wonder why I’d choose to do such a crazy thing, and now 2017 is here, so am I. The thing is, I buy a lot of books. I plan to read them all, but I’m always onto the next book trawl before I’ve made any headway through the last one and my bookshelves are groaning under the weight of wonderful exciting unread books. My aim for the year is to read the treasures I already have, and to make more use of the library for those books I’m itching to get my hands on but don’t own.

I’ve got a nice little stack of books to keep me going for a while, and I think if I take it a month at a time, it won’t feel like such a huge deal. (Who am I trying to kid?)


January’s TBR pile

Will I manage it? I really don’t know. This could well be my toughest challenge yet!