Bedtime Stories

Here are links to the books we have serialised and re-told in handy pre-sleep/commute/pretending to be working chunks. New links added as we progress through books, and add new titles.

Homer – The Odyssey

Book 1 – In search of lost dads

Book 2 – Her milkshake brings all the boys to the yard

Book 3 – In which more cows are killed and the sheets are probably Egyptian cotton

Book 4 – The of man of the sea – so much better than sat nav

Book 5 – In which Odysseus thinks he knows best but is actually an idiot

Book 6 – In which Odysseus ruins a perfectly good game of football and has a bath

Book 7 – In which Odysseus needs to get up off the bloody floor!

Book 8 – In which Odysseus spins some discs and just can’t stop crying

Book 9 – Feasting on human flesh and eye-poking

Book 10 -In which Odysseus is a rubbish project manager and bacon is most definitely off the menu

Dante – The Divine Comedy

1 – Who fanices a trip to hell? (Inferno)

2 – So, what circle of hell do I belong in? (Inferno)

3 – I’d have sponsored Dante (Purgatorio)

4 – Purgatory is the new black (Purgatorio)

5 – Thou shalt not eat Pringles in bed whilst Netflixing (Purgatorio)

6 – Bring an autograph book (Purgatorio)

7 – Gluttony – then it’s just the lustful and we’re outta here! (Purgatorio)

8 – Lust – Bowow-chicka-wow (Purgatorio)

9 – Dante levels-up. Now he’s in Eden.

10 – So, it turns out Beatrice is a bit of a bitch