There’s a party in my eyeballs and everyone’s invited

Nurse! We need 200 cc of escapist reading, stat!

The last month has been a month and half, with a poorly daughter and my nearest hospital about 50 miles away, my days have been spent working, driving, and responding to texts of desired (demanded) items to ferry back and forth. However, all is good now and life is normal again.

To celebrate this I ordered a couple of Cadfaels from the library. I’ve not actually read any of them, I only know the ones featured in the TV series (don’t judge me), so requested two I’d never heard of before. I went to pick them up yesterday and one of them is

large print.

I know it would be a huge waste of paper if everything was large print, but man alive, it’s fan-bloody-tastic. I lay there in bed last night, snug and cosy in the pillows, without my glasses on. The picture below is both of the books, one typeset by resentful mice for owl overlords, the other, a velvet chaise-lounge for the eyes.


I feel slightly guilty, rather like if I bought a mobility scooter for fun or rode on a Stannah  Stairlift out of laziness, but I didn’t ask for this, it’s the only copy they had.


“Brother Oswin!! Have you been at my Blue WKD? It’s almost half empty!

Dead Man’s Ransom is about a death during a prisoner exchange, during the battles of King Stephen and Empress Maud. It’s good and all, but I’m more excited about getting The Summer of The Danes in which according to the blurb, Cadfael gets captured by vikings! I shall read all the viking’s dialogue in my best  “I am Uhtred, son of Uhtred” impression. It’s just a shame the owl-friendly font.