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Camping out with Goethe and Luther


I love an impromptu weekend at a £12-a-night campsite in the Highlands, but I don’t love the obligatory two hours of mother-daughter bickering punctuated by cries of ‘Not that left, the other left!’… Continue reading

Reading Round-up (alfresco edition)


It’s been an odd week, the awfulness of the news occasionally escaped with big doses of nostalgia and, well,  escapism. I’ve been redecorating, and just giving in and going with my previously-restrained urge… Continue reading

‘Long afterwards, the news came that all the donkeys were dead’


That quote sums up the misery of Joseph Conrad’s ‘Heart of Darkness for me. And just as reading ‘Mary Barton’ does not make me wish I lived in a Mancunian, Victorian slum, ‘Heart… Continue reading