How to get fit with Books and Stationary

Before the spelling police turn up to arrest me,  that does say stationary, not stationery. It’s a reference to my new (to me) stationary bike, or noncycle as I like to call it. Unfortunately, as fabulous and life-affirming as a fine stationery stash is, I’m yet to discover a way of incorporating it into a workable fitness routine. Running a ten mile circuitous route to post a letter might count, but in my experience, sweat and rain plays havoc with an address hand-written in ink.

Then, there’s the running. Since staggering through the London marathon last year, my running dwindled, and finally ground to a halt. If you devote so much time to the serious tasks of reading, writing, watching football and knitting, as I do, losing your running mojo is a disaster. So, on a whim, I bought an exercise bike, and I’ve come up with a way of not only countering all my sedentary reading, but a way of squeezing in even more books into my week in the process – Boom!

exercise bike,

3 wheels = Tricycle
2 wheels = Bicycle
1 wheel = Unicycle
0 wheels = Noncycle

So far, the whole family have been taking turns to pedal like demons every day. Initially my wheel-bound hamster imitation involved telly viewing to help pass the time, but then I struck on the idea of listening to audiobooks while I pedal.  As time stretches interminably when you’re exercising, the audiobooks I choose need to be pacey and gripping. So far, daily instalments of ‘David Copperfield‘ have been a great way to pass the time while I work up a sweat, but I think I’ll also be digging out some classic crime fiction which will keep me wanting to pedal for longer. One thing’s for sure though, however much I love him, I definitely don’t plan to pedal to Proust anytime soon!