What to do when Blogging Burn-out Strikes? Running, Knitting and Pobol Y Cwm

I’m fatigued.

Blogger burn-out has set in and to be honest, it’s a miracle I’m writing this post at all. I enjoy my job in a homeless hostel, but working night shifts does take its toll. On top of that the rest of my family have all faced stresses recently whether it be starting a new job; changing schools due to a relentless campaign of bullying at the last one; or final exams, followed by four months at sea as a newly qualified third officer in the merchant navy.

This is all just part and parcel of daily life, I know, and thankfully we’ve not had to deal with any major traumas, but as well as my day (night) job, I feel like I’ve been moon-lighting as a full-time therapist for the past couple of years,Β  don’t get me started on the grim general malaise brought on by our current political climate. As a result I’ve noticed that reading has taken a backseat to brooding, and when I think about blogging I’m overcome by a hazy cloud of ennui. Still, I’m sure it will pass, and in the meantime, here are some other things I’ve been doing.

Running. At the beginning of the month I *ran the Cardiff Half Marathon. It was hard but I learned some important life lessons on the way around. Firstly, I should have trained more – a lesson that became apparent by mile six – and secondly, road races suck and I never want to *run one again. (*walking with sporadic periods of shuffling).

Anyway, here’s a really big picture of my medal.


Knitting. My daughter wanted me to make her a jumper so she looked through my knitting books and chose a pattern she liked. The fact it’s a dress pattern and I’ve had to make alterations has just added to the fun. The back is finished and I feel like I’ve knitted enough to absorb the pattern, so the front and sleeves should be easier.

Learning Welsh. I’ve taken Welsh classes for a number of years on and off, but then let it all slide. However, I’ve just discovered the app, Duolingo and it’s so much fun, I’ve been inspired me to claw it all back (along with my long-forgotten school learned French, and Swedish which I’m learning from scratch). This time I mean business, so I’ve started watching Welsh language telly (S4C) and have become an avid fan of BBC’sΒ Pobol Y Cwm. I’m totally hooked, but it could win prizes for having the most insipid theme tune ever.

We’re heading off for a much needed holiday over half term so, fingers crossed, I’ll return with my reading and blogging batteries fully recharged, and I’ll never have cause to inflict Welsh soap operas on you ever again!