Book haul and exciting news

Indeed, I am blessed, truly grateful, I’d like to thank everyone who knows me, yada yada – I HAVE A LAMINATOR!

There have been many special days in my life — becoming a mother, that time a baby blue tit landed on my shoulder, the time my mechanic’s invoicing system went haywire and he said he couldn’t remember me owing him £150 so not to worry about it, the time the Cadbury’s Outlet was selling Creme Eggs for 10p each, and last Sunday when I BOUGHT A LAMINATOR!

My life is now all about walking around my house/the world looking for things to laminate. Creating bookmarks from scrap pages of tattered books and note cards I don’t like anyone enough to send to, and wipe-clean monthly planners and to-do lists. If you get a Christmas card from me, that sucker will be waterproofed. I’ve also been reading that you can laminate leaves! Pressed flowers! Fabric! *hyperventilates* HURRY UP SPRING I WANT TO LAMINATE YOU!


And I’ve been book shopping (got to put all these bookmarks somewhere!), and bought a book about a book shop. Shaun Bythell’s diary and testament of financial struggle jumped out at me as I was standing in WH Smiths, having gone in there to cheer myself up one lunch break by buying a new highlighting pen. It wash lashing rain, and I was in my least favourite place to work, Peterhead, which has one of the bleakest, coldest, high streets known to man. It’s 80% charity shops, the pubs have no windows onto the street, and some of them only serve drinks in plastic cups.

The idea of owning a bookshop is idyllic, but I fully expect this book with disabuse me of that notion, as the daily sales total is included in each entry.


I also picked up Peter Ackroyd’s book on the Tudors which to be honest, I’m not fussed about but it was only £6, so was 70% off! And I wasn’t quite myself that day, so found it impossible to resist.


I ordered Eamon Duffy’s The Stripping Of The Altars on a recommendation and for study purposes, so it’s not that exciting, but it’s huge. As are two Antonia Fraser books I got second hand, biographies of Mary, Queen of Scots and Oliver Cromwell. The Cromwell book is one of the fattest books I own, and it’s not even like the type is big. There’s a lot of words in there there book. It was very cheap, but I’ll be amazed if I finish it without some substantial skimming. And if the climate goes mad as is depressingly predicted, just like in that scene in The Day After Tomorrow where the survivors in the library burn books on tax law as it’s less sacrilegious, Ollie will be the first one turned to ash if the power runs out and it all goes a bit Mad Max.