Clothes, Music, Boys, and why Viv Albertine is my new heroine.

I found this copy of Viv Albertine’s memoir in a charity shop a few months ago. None of the titles in my TBR tower were particularly calling out to me, so I picked it up for a quick browse and ended up falling down a gloriously punk rabbit hole. It was an exhilarating ride!


I was a little too young to be caught up in the explosion of punk, but loved the music it inspired, and enjoyed delving back to its roots from my late teens and beyond. Reading Viv Albertine’s experiences of punk from a female perspective certainly made for an engaging and enlightening read. It turns out that her creative talent extends beyond carving out new musical territory with a guitar sound that was her own. She’s a damn fine writer too.

The memoir was a joy to read, as heart-warming as it was brutally honest. It helped that I’ve recently signed up to Spotify (totally down with the kids, me), so I could immerse myself in the sound of The Slits as well as exploring Viv Albertine’s wonderful solo work all while reading the book. I’ve had such a blast and am now such a fan I ended up buying a Slits t shirt in homage.


I was planning on linking to a youtube video of a Slits track but couldn’t decide between ‘Typical Girls’ or their iconic cover of ‘Heard it on the Grapevine’. Then I found this, an interview with Viv, in which she talks about the book, which has a nice selection of tracks in the background. Enjoy!