Hermione’s Successful Scarf and Lucy’s Failed Top

Knitting update! Here is the Fairisle top that featured in the last post –


I had finished it, bar the ribbing around the neck. I looked at it. I thought, meh, I’m not sure I’ll wear that. Towards the end I came up with so many better colour combinations for the patterns, I regretted my earlier work. At the same time, I was on a lateshift watching multiple episodes of Foyles War on the tiny office telly, with its talk of butter rations and mending and making do, and I am in no position, and nor it is not right, to waste.  Yarn doesn’t grow on trees.

giphy (1)

So I unraveled it all, and that pile of strands above was rolled back up into balls. Meanwhile, I found a half-finished scarf in a bag-for-life in the hall cupboard that I started back when cold weather was an actual thing, so got I that finished. It’s based on Hermione Granger’s scarf, and another free Ravelry pattern. And I’m properly chuffed with it. Harry Potter films (mainly thanks to Molly Weasley) are great from a knitwear point of view.


And here’s my attempt at it. It’s knitted in the round so all the threads are hidden, and it will be super-warm.


So, back to the tank top, which I hope will be better the second time around, and will also burn some nervous energy and take my mind off the interview I have this Friday for a job with a real permanent contract that I really want, but then so do a lot of people. Arrgghh!!!