New books and first world problems

I popped into Cardigan’s Oxfam last week and took a chance on a clutch of novels I have mixed feelings about. I immediately hear alarm bells when I spot rave reviews from The Daily Mail and The Daily Express emblazoned across a book’s cover. Add to this cover stickers – pretend or otherwise – and I’ve already walked on by. However, maybe I’ve been too quick to judge Gail Honeyman’s Eleanor Oliphant is completely fine by its cover, as it won the Costa prize 2017, and was recently long-listed for the Women’s prize.

Similarly, I’ve read so many positive reviews about Joanna Cannon’s The Trouble with Goats and Sheep I’m beginning to wonder if I’m missing out. As for Arthur Golden’s memoirs of a Geisha I’m not really sure what to expect but with all three at 99p each I thought it was worth the risk. Will I be wowed by any of these titles? Watch this space.


With the spring sunshine making an appearance at last, I’m making my millionth attempt to get back into running. This time, I’m feeling quite hopeful of sticking with it as I’ve managed to rope in a friend to come with me – running’s always more fun with a buddy. To help keep my mojo well stoked I ordered a few more running books to browse post-run.


Lastly, I’m really excited because I finally have a shiny new laptop – yay!


My last laptop died about a year ago and since then I’ve had to manage by cadging the odd hour here and there on my husband’s computer which has become increasingly difficult as he’s currently in his final year of his Social Work degree. This has made writing posts and keeping up with other people’s blogs both challenging and frustrating at times and I don’t feel like I’ve been able to engage in the mighty blogosphere as much as I’ve wanted to. I’m aware how spoilt I sound, when it’s a privilege to have had computer and internet access available to me at all, but a year without a laptop has certainly made me appreciate having one to myself. Oh, the joys of being able to write when the inspiration takes me, to read emails a few at a time rather than a week’s worth in one go, with one eye on the clock and a blog post due first thing in the morning.  Happy days!