Just Beam The Words To My Brain!

When are scientists going to get off their bums and invent a behind-the-eye or visual cortex Kindle? I have got very little reading done this week due to being tired, and disobedient eyes. If only the words could be beamed onto the inside of my eyelids, at the right speed and font size, I’d be sorted. And I know audio books can be good for times of rubbish eyes, but I have got a couple recently that I gave up on as the narrator was winding me up. Once I start noticing a strange pattern of pronunciation (or a nasal inhale between sentences), or if the speed is wrong, it’s hard to stop noticing.

So this stack of library books, including two Nordic Noirs, one of which inspired by a review by Sarah, Black Out, a few randoms that I either felt sure I’d like, or that had interesting covers, remains untouched.


This week, I have devoted more time to watching programs like The Hour, Endeavor and Call The Midwife and in spite of all the lack of opportunities and justice for large parts of society, not to mention TB and the Cold War, I’ve been wishing it was the 1960s, and that I was wearing those clothes, driving those cars, eating those slabs of cake, and using that language, such as prefacing things I’m saying with ‘I say…’, which nicely avoids any confusion about who is doing the saying.


In that nostalgic-for-times-before-I-was-born vein, I have ordered The Hogs Back Mystery after seeing it reviewed over at Kaggsy’s Bookish Ramblings. I once lived not far from there, I adore the cover, and I need the escapism so I can pretend there isn’t really a serious risk of the idiot tangerine from over the way starting a war rooted in idiocy.