What the Dickens? I’ve finished David Copperfield!

I’m thrilled to report that after months of procrastination, I have finally finished David Copperfield. I must admit to being chivvied along by Lucy having finished it a few weeks ago, but Shoshi’s post about the joys of reading Dickens at Christmas clinched it. Having dragged my way to just over the halfway point of the novel in sporadic bursts throughout the year, the switch to total immersion transformed my reading experience for the better.

What had been a chore became an utter joy, and I relished reading about David’s attempts to help equip his hopeless, spoilt ‘child-wife’ Dora to learn how to run a household, his aunt’s fabulous brusque bluntness, Mr Micawber’s well-meaning incompetence, and the slimy, ever so ‘umble Uriah Heep’s sly undertakings. I couldn’t put it down.

Lucy and I are working our way through all of Dickens’ novels, and I’d planned to poly-read, and have a Dickens on the go along with my other reading. However, I’ve realised that this won’t work for me. The effect of a richly painted Dickensian world peopled with finely detailed characters loses impact when read in brief fits and starts.

Now we’re only a few sleeps short of Christmas, its time for Lucy and I to pack our blogging quills and inkwells away until the new year, and settle down in front of a roaring fire with a stack of good books and some ginger wine. Looking back through the list of books I’ve read this year, it was lovely to be reminded of some of the great tomes (War and Peace,ย In the Shadow of Young Girls in Flower, )and little gems ( Lila, Petronille, I Capture the Castle,…there are simply too many to mention)ย that enriched what has been an otherwise sad and bewildering year. Here’s hoping that goodwill, reason and calm is more in evidence in 2017. Until then, have a very merry, book-filled Christmas!