Christmas fun-times!

I am so close to finishing Dorothy Richardson’s ‘Pilgrimage’, it feels like the end of term is looming. Over the past few weeks I have read little else in order to see it completed by the end of the year. To keep me focused on the task in hand, I have squirreled away some fabulous reads that I’ve been looking forward to indulging in over Christmas.

First off, I have this little beauty. Karl Ove Knausgaard writing about football, life, the universe and everything – well, it doesn’t get much better than that! Alongside it is a book I’m really looking forward to reading by my good friend and personal writing Yoda, Martine McDonagh. If it’s anywhere near as good as her chilling debut I Have Waited and You Have Come or the dry as a bone dark comedy After Phoenix, I’ll be in for a fabulous treat.


I’ve been yearning to sink my teeth into some crime for a while, so I’ve squirreled together this little collection of old and new.


In a bid to calm my fractured concentration, I’ve taken to doing yoga every day. In true Sarah-style, I’ve become obsessed. So, I’ve just ordered a couple of books to better understand how the bendy stuff works. I’ve ordered an old faithful – B.K.S Iyengar’s  Light on Yoga and a new book out next week on the work of Vanda Scaraveli, Notes on Yoga.

That’s certainly more than enough to see me over the festive period, but I’m also hoping that time will somehow magically stretch and I’ll be able to finally get round to reading this. It’s been at the top of my TBR pile for ages, but I’ve not had the concentration to embark on such a thick tome. Fingers crossed I’ll find a spare few days to get fully immersed into what promises to be a wonderful read.


With this fabulous bounty in store, I must crack on with the final instalment of Dorothy Richardson’s PIlgrimage. When the final page is turned I can let the Christmas festivities (well, reading) begin!

Have you a lovely stack of titles lined up for Christmas or is it a fight to find five minutes to yourself?