Christmas Cosy

These books are my Christmassy feelings. We don’t do much in the way of presents in my family, except for kids, but I don’t care as it’s the music, food, books and twinkly lights that really make it.

Here is what I read to get into the mood-


The Peter HΓΈeg book is ‘Miss Smilla’s Feeling For Snow’ which I have read to the point of the title rubbing off, and is kind of the book Sarah and I bonded over in a literary sense. Tove Jansson can’t help but be Christmassy, neither can the knitting of Icelandic mittens. The Dickens book contains the short story of ‘A Christmas Carol’, as well as chapters on traditions and such of Victorian Christmases. It also has lovely pictures.




The Church Mice at Christmas is my favourite Christmas book, ever. I’ve been reading it every year for at least the last 30 years. I love the whole premise of the series, that the cat, after a few incidents and a solemn oath to never hurt the mice, becomes their friend, and partner in adventures. I have a cat that mercilessly slaughters mice (or worse, doesn’t quite finish them off) and would give anything for her to make friends with the farm mice. The artwork is just wonderful, very 1970s.

It starts with the mice trying to raise money to get themselves son Christmas food, and after a failed raffle, and failed carol singing and a cat-drawn sleigh that run foul of humans on their works’ nights out and shoppers, it seems Santa (the kindly vicar) hasn’t forgotten them, so they get a party after all, with luxury hamper. Yay!





There’s something about mice kissing a cat under the mistletoe that just melts my stony heart. Even if he does look reluctant.