You can’t beat a book with really great Hair

Call me shallow, but I bought the first volume of Christina Plaka’s ‘Yonen Buzz’ on the strength of the hairstyling. Actually that’s not strictly true – the band members of Plastic Chew who appear in ‘Yonen Buzz’ with their musician antics and hang-ups, all have the kind of greasy, grungy, messy mops that you’d expect of any self-respecting alternative rock outfit.


All I know is that when I saw Volume 1, I fell in love with the loose fluidity of the illustration, from the worn out denim and baggy t-shirt to the magnificent movement of the hair of the Thurston Moore of Sonic Youth lookalike on the cover and further exploration of the pages within didn’t disappoint.


I now have two of the four volumes of this short manga series in translation (they were originally published in German). As well as being a massive fan of Plaka’s illustrative style, the story of an indie rock band trying to make it in the music business really appealed to the inner 17 year old that’s still residing in my 46 year old body.

So, if you’re a bit of a sucker for the charms and dilemmas of long-haired, angsty guitarists in stripey tops, (guilty) these are definitely the graphic novels for you. You, me, and all grumpy teens, everywhere.