View over the top of a book #2

Unlike the last picture that was taken during work hours, this is during an actual break. I have a habit, like a lot of people, of just eating at my desk and looking at different things on the same screen for my lunch time, but as the sun was shining (a bit), I went out. to say hello to some cows and a buzzard. This was taken just above Rosehearty in Aberdeenshire. My mum lives just out of sight, but I didn’t visit, as she doesn’t understand the concept of a quick visit, and it all goes a bit like Frodo trying to escape Shelob, poor little me stuck in my mother’s web of gossip and nagging and fruitcake, and I’d be late back to work. The name ‘Shelob’ very likely comes from ‘lobbe’ which is Old English for spider, and we know she’s a girl spider to explain the ‘she’ bit. Tolkien was fond of Old English, and wrote a Beowulf translation. My mum’s name is Lynne, which means lake or pool in Welsh, and she has never translated Beowulf. However, she did give me numerous bad childhood haircuts, and would make me play the piano for visiting elderly relatives.