View over the top of a book #1

No one tell my boss, but I took this on Friday afternoon between leaving my desk and going to a training course, for which I had possibly allowed myself a little more travel time than necessary.

So rather than arrive very early, I pulled over by the sea and read some more of Will Self’s ‘Shark’. As a full-on polyreader, I usually have about 5 books on the go, but at the moment I am making an effort to clear up my list and get them all finished, before starting a new batch. And that, I think, is a good enough reason to spend a spare 20 minutes of what is technically work time, reading at the beach.


At some times of year, big, fat, cheerful seals lay around on those rocks. I say cheerful, but I wouldn’t test this out. I’m pretty sure if they had babies about they’d kill me. Once when I was swimming one passed by me, although I love them and their cute bald heads, it was oddly terrifying.